Here are a few excerpts from “Thank You” Letters and Notes received by CCFSupport, from Families that have received financial aid and support in the past.

To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing to thank-you for your wonderful cheque we received before Christmas. I must apologize for the delay in writing you but it has been a bit hectic over the last couple of months.

Your generous assistance has allowed me to stay at home for a little longer to be with our daughter. In January she was able to have surgery to remove her tumor, which was a huge step for us. I definitely wanted to be able to be with her for that entire time. We were also able to have a less stressful Christmas, and celebrate it with our family and friends. It was a wonderful Xmas gift.

Although we’ve never met or even heard of your organization until now, we would like to thank you for being so generous and caring in our time of need. It’s a new world for our family and grants like this help with the stress in ways only people who have or are still going through something similar can relate to.

To Whom It May Concern:
My name is ____. On February 6th we were told to get to Children’s Hospital immediately, for we were told that ____, my child, had a large mass in their chest. ____ has been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. From that day forward, nothing has been the same. My child cannot play baseball this season, had to give up bowling, and the biggest one is, no school. For myself, I’ve had to put my work on hold. I was working only 4 hrs/day and one hour a day as a ____. I am so fortunate that both places of employment have told me that my jobs will be there when my child is better. My EI is not much and ____’s father does not financially help me much. When my social-worker, ____ , from Children’s approached me with this cheque from you, I cried. This money will help for medication for ____ and gas money & a few bills at home. This letter is to express my gratitude and when this is all over and I’m back to work, I would like to help out another family one day. I will never forget this, and I (we) thank you again for your kindness and understanding.
Sincerely, _________________.

____was just 2 years old when she became gravely ill. Surgery, treatment and recovery spanned many months, time during which we depended heavily on the selfless care and generosity of people such as yourselves. No words can possibly express our gratitude; our hope is that you will catch in these pictures a glimpse of the little xx whose life you touched, and that you may always reflect with joy in the role you played in ____’s recovery.

To all family supporters at CCFSupport:
Our most sincere thanks for the generous grant you sent our family. The spirit of all the families who have struggled with this disease and all its repercussions has touched us deeply. We look forward to the day that we too can share and support other families. Best wishes.

Please Note: There has been some minor editing to these excerpts from “Thank You” letters received from families that have been helped by CCFSupport – for the Family and Child’s privacy.