What’s Going On…?

BC Childhood Cancer Parents’ Association received a significant donation from John Sisler and family, Vancouver, in memory of their dear wife and mother, Deanna Lum Sisler, who sadly passed away in 2015 after a very long battle with cancer…

Deanna was a wonderful wife and mother as well as a vibrant presence in the Vancouver community, loved by all her friends and acquaintances. She was an avid knitter and was responsible for setting up a knitting club which was enjoyed by all those who were as passionate about knitting as Deanna was.

John Sisler and family very generously gave BCCCPA the proceeds on the sale of all the high-quality wool that Deanna had accumulated over the years, along with the many beautiful hand-knitted items that she produced. She had an extraordinary eye for texture, colour and design, which was evident in what she left behind.

The sale, was organized by her good friends from her knitting club, was a big success and a lot of money was raised. There was a huge turnout of people from knitting clubs all over Vancouver and everything sold within hours. Deanna would have been happy to know that people immediately saw the beauty of what she had accumulated and most importantly that it will be used by people who love knitting as much she did.

BCCCPA is extremely grateful to John Sisler and family for this donation. These funds will be used to help families who are struggling financially while taking care of their child with cancer. BCCCPA works closely with the social workers at BC Children’s Hospital who identify the families who are struggling the most.


Vancouver Canucks Cheque for BCCCPA

Vancouver Canucks cheque BCCCPA

Directors Dave & Suzanne Dunbar are accepting a cheque for $ 5000.00 from the Vancouver Canucks through their Community Partnerships Program Manager – Tara Clarke.

Though BCCCPA has been well supported by the Canucks in the past as a recipient of tickets for fundraisers and family outings, Tara explained that they wanted to reach out to the smaller, local charities with financial aid as well. Thank You CANUCKS!


Letter from Canucks fan, Keegan Woods

An example of past Canuck generosity – here’s a note from a young man (Keegan Woods) who was a recipient of tickets to a Vancouver Canucks hockey game to enjoy with his family. Though he enjoyed the game – without mentioning if the Canucks won that night or not – you can tell that the hot dogs made as much of an impact to him, as the tickets!