To our valued CCFSupport community,

As we are all aware, these are not easy times for anyone as the concern for COVID-19 continues to grow. This is no exception for us at Childhood Cancer Family Support. As many of us who sit on the board of directors have had personal experiences having a child with cancer, our hearts are aching for everyone, but especially those families going through this with an added level of fear for their immune-compromised children. The health and well-being of everyone right now is so important to us, and we know that there is also going to be an even harder financial struggle for some. At the heart of what we do; helping families emotionally and financially through a childhood cancer diagnosis, we want to see if we can extend our help even further right now. 

If you are currently in-patient, we have supplied some grocery gift cards to those who will struggle to leave the hospital for food. Please talk to your social worker about access to those and how you can get someone to assist you in getting the groceries. We also want all families to know that grants are available (as they are year-round) and to please talk to your social worker about what may be available to you right now for support.

If you are in a financial position to help, reach out by visiting our website and click “DONATE NOW”Every dollar counts, and small charities like ours need it now more than everas we have no idea as to when we might be able to have another public fundraising event to help families. If you aren’t in a position to donate, please consider sharing this to spread awareness to someone who might be able toand let them know that we are a registered non-profit society run by volunteers!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts from all of us at CCFSupport for your continued support, we will all get through this as a community if we do our part. Stay connected (virtually), healthy, and continue to wash your hands!

-Sincerely from all of us on the board at CCFSupport