The Dare-to-Dream event, created by Shannon and Brendan Whieldon, connected people in a time of disconnection due to safety precautions for COVID-19. People had an opportunity to improve their cardiovascular fitness, be part of a large community event, and connect with others via the score board and Instagram daily updates, while collectively raising funds to help families who have children battling cancer.

This independant community event was set up as a virtual “triathalon” challenge experience where participants would ride for 5 minutes on the Airdyne, Bike, & Elliptical with weekly individual and team goals to gain points based on distance. The great part was that it could be completed from any fitness facility (or home if you had the equipment!) to keep it covid-safe, and participants were encouraged to share their personal progress via instagram to keep the community feel and energy going.

The event hoped to raise $10,000 and ran from August 31st through November 27th, which has now been extended through to the end of the year, closing on December 31st, 2020 in hopes of reaching their goal!

All donations made on behalf of this event go to CCFSupport, which will be able to help so many families in need dealing with a childhood cancer diagnosis. Great way to end the year; keeping active, raising awareness, and much needed funds! Way to go Dare to Dream crew and all of their amazing supporters!

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