Dear Childhood Cancer Family Support Society,

I would like to thank CCFS for their Financial Support that helped our family during a difficult time. Our son has been battling Leukemia for the past 7 years and this has caused a great deal of emotional and financial stress on our family. We have had so many extra costs during our stays at the hospital such as parking, gas and food costs. I have had to put my job on hold to take care of my son. My husband was the only one who was working and taking care of Mortgage, bills, Car payments, insurances, and everything. It was very stressful for our family to manage emotional and financial life at the same time.

CCFS support helped our family get through some difficult times and we are so grateful for this organization. I would like to thank all the donors who have contributed to this wonderful organization. To know that all the directors are volunteers and many of them have had a child with cancer gives us comfort knowing they truly understand this journey and we are not alone.

-The Sachdeva family