We want to thank the Tang Family for two important reasons during this COVID-19 crisis:

First, for making much-needed cloth masks for those who are seeking and wanting them now.

Secondly, for donating a portion of their masks sales to Childhood Cancer Family Support, an organization that supports families with a child with cancer and a group the Tang Family knows all too well.

Fabric Face Masks: $12.00 each with a filtered pocket⁠

-Washable, reusable, double layered⁠
-Available in Adult and Children sizes⁠
-Colours and patterns⁠ may vary dependent on 

*price has been updated to reflect increasing demand and material sourcing costs- May 10th, 2020.

To purchase masks please visit shylaspreadshope.ca/ 

You can now support this initiative by purchasing through any of the following local London Drugs retail stores: Brentwood, West Broadway/Vine, Abbott/Hastings, Olympic Village, Dunbar, & Kerrisdale. Be sure to tag us on social media @childhoodcancerfamilysupport & #FoundAtLondonDrugs if you pick one up so we can help spread even more love.⁠ ⁠

July UPDATE: THANK YOU to the Tang family for already donating over $14,000 to CCFSupport from this project and to London Drugs for helping us spread the love!

Read More about the Tang Family’s Story:

After being diagnosed with cancer, Shyla patiently fought for 3 years. She was resilient and lived her life fully and beautifully. Shyla took her last breathe at Canuck Place on the eve of her 6th birthday. During Shyla’s journey, cancer threatened to darken our world. And it is communities such as CCFSupport that step in and help shine a light to guide and support us through the most difficult and heartbreaking time of our lives. Whether it was to provide us financial or emotional support, CCFSupport was and is always there for us. I want to show my appreciation for all you have done for my family and I, by helping to give back to the community and fulfill your mission to help other families. Thank you for making it possible to create Shyla Spreads Hope 🦋🌈

I know Quinn and Shyla are super proud of us ❤️

-Victoria (Shyla’s mom)

Global News Story May 10th, 2020